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Information about Arab Bureau for design and technical consultations :

The Arab Bureau for design and technical consultation was established with name public building company since 1898 to be in this time the Engineering government to be Egyptian kingdom , moreover it took the work of design and supervision that works on a special nature implementation which request Architectural Engineering experience to do all massive project when the works became more and more the name of public building company changed to Egyptian general organization and this had done after it had co-operate with Egyptian institution in 1965/11/28 when the Presidential Decree by number 4416 in 1965 had announced which changed the name of Egyptian organization buildings to Egyptian joint stock company with name Arab Bureau for design and technical consultations .

The advantage of the Bureau :-

  • In the field of regional and urban planning , The Bureau made the general and detailed planning in many new cities for example (Badr , Dumyat, Elminya,6 October ,15 Mayo ).

  • In the field of co-operate with international organization for example International Bank ,UNISCO and US Development Authority .

  • Special research in reviving Islamic heritage and the most important work for the Bureau had made was Reviving the Fatimid Cairo which Funded by the International Bank .

  • The Arab Bureau featuring to be Integrated engineering system that has a lot of experience in Private Advisory Services by preparing the design of Engineering with Management and supervision of the implementation .